Avoid These Driving Habits
10.01.2016 02:10

Refrain from All These Driving Habits
If you have been driving for quite a while, chances are you'll consider yourself to be a pretty good driver with your own driving style. The truth is that after you have learnt to drive it is easy to pick up certain habits and these can be dangerous to both yourself and other road users. Sorry to say, the only way you are going to alter these habits is if something terrible happens to you. In this article we will examine some of the driving habits you should avoid to help you to stay accident free on Ways To Avoid Driving When Fatigued .
The first practice we're going to check out and one that can be particularly annoying to other road users is driving too close to the vehicle in front. We are taught in driving school that driving too close to a vehicle in front is hazardous especially if the car unexpectedly brakes. The pace that you might be going at while driving is quite fast even though it may not seem that way when you are in the car. It's not only irritating to the person in front when you drive too close but can force them to make hasty decisions in trying to get out of your way. Should you drive at a standard speed, you will probably get there at the same amount of time as if you were speeding.
Another behavior that can be dangerous is excessive speeding. Most people speed but it might be very perilous in poor weather conditions or in areas that have lots of traffic. Just about all serious car pile ups take place because one or more drivers made a decision to drive very fast in poor weather conditions. If you do slow down you can actually enjoy driving at a relaxed speed and more importantly you reduce your chances of being hurt or injuring others.
Something more important that can be detrimental is being impatient while driving and getting angry with other drivers. It's not only the fact that you can become involved in needless confrontations but this also becomes a distraction for your own driving. In fact, distractions of all kinds are habits you should refrain from and this includes eating while driving, speaking on your mobile phone or trying to read whilst on the move. A person has to be extremely stupid to not realize how dangerous these distractions are but people do these things all the time.
If you want to be safe while traveling, you need to try and change some of your bad driving habits.
Getting Your Singapore Driving License
Legal requirements for getting your Singapore driving license:
In order to drive an automobile in Singapore, you must have a valid Singapore driving license and be at least 18 years of age and please at least among the listed below:
1. Singapore citizen
2. Singapore Permanent Resident
3. Foreigners who have lived in Singapore for over twelve (12) months.
4. Foreigners who have resided in Singapore for less than twelve (12) months without a valid Singapore driving license has to have a legitimate international license and International Driving Permit (IDP) issued by the appropriate authority in their country of origin. You will need a main translation of your international driving license in English if you do not have the International Driving Permit.
Note: For drivers from ASEAN countries, you can drive in Singapore without IDP as long as you have a legitimate driving license in your native land.
Reference: Singapore Traffic Police
Prior to you start, you need to initially understand which driving license are you intending to get.
Over here at KukuDrivers.com, we particularly deal with drivers who are looking to get their Class 3 or Class 3A motor driving license in Singapore.
As required by law,.
"To generate an automobile in Singapore, you must have a legitimate Singapore driving licence for the class of vehicle that you desire to generate. Motorist from ASEAN member nations just require to have a legitimate driving licence issued by the pertinent generating licence Authority in order to drive in Singapore without IDP.".
Source: Traffic Police Singapore.
In order to get your Class 3 (typically called Manual driving license in Singapore) or Class 3A (Auto driving license in Singapore), the first step is to decide which type of driving license you wish to take.
In Singapore, a lot of traveler automobiles are Auto vehicles (without the clutch). A Class 3 (Manual Driving License) allows you to generate both Manual vehicles and Auto vehicles (in layperson speak).
A Class 3A driving license allows Passing your Basic Theory Test is the primary step in getting your driving license in Singapore. to drive ONLY car cars.
Whether you choose to take a manual or car driving license, you will be required to first pass the Basic Theory Test where after passing it, you will have a lifetime credibility (for Basic Theory Test just).
After you have passed your Basic Theory Test, you can continue to get the Provisional Driving License (PDL). Please note that you have to have a valid Provisional Driving License (PDL) prior to you can begin your practical generating lessons.
Have a look at information on reservation of Basic Theory Test (BTT) here.
As soon as you are finished with passing your Basic Theory Test (BTT) and you can then proceed to book a date for your final theory test.
After passing your Final Theory Test (FTT), depending on your progress with your generating trainer(s) (whether school or personal driving teachers), you can then proceed to book your Traffic Police (TP) test date.
Foreigners who have actually lived in Singapore for less than twelve (12) months without a legitimate Singapore driving license must possess a valid international license and International Driving Permit (IDP) released by the pertinent authority in their country of origin. If you do not have the International Driving Permit, you will need a main translation of your foreign driving license in English.
"To generate an automobile in Singapore, you should possess a valid Singapore generating licence for Car Safety Tips You Should Use Today of automobile that you want to drive. This demand uses to all citizens and long-term locals of Singapore and also foreigners who are residing in Singapore for more than twelve (12) months. Motorist from ASEAN member nations only need to possess a valid generating licence released by the relevant generating licence Authority in order to drive in Singapore without IDP.".


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